by The Maysides

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released October 8, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Matt Harris
Recorded at MetalWorks Studio
Produced by Andre Kaden Black of Black/ Whyte Music Group
Engineered by Kevin Dietz
Mastered by Tom Baker
Photography by Tristan Savatier
Artwork by Matt Harris and Kellen Bolger


all rights reserved



The Maysides Hamilton, Ontario

The Maysides are known for their high energy performances and distinct brand of hard hitting Indie Punk Rock music

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Track Name: 1000 Friends
Adolescence, pre teens,
Life teaching TV
Who will teach them wrong from right

Adult futility
Tainted Loyalty
Love and passion lost the fight

There are so many ways
To get let down and betrayed
By the broken promise
Of a cut throat world

Infectious Apathy
Defeated Loyalty
And Selfish Greed
Consumes our Souls

A grim Humanity
Botched Authority
Resolutions out of sight

A deal Society
No place for Honesty
Spend your dead soul if you like

I’ve got 1000 friends
but not one I trust
Just point and click
Accept my add request

Suck face and smile
Work your way up
Step on your friends
get to the top

A cut throat world

Chorus Outro
I wont be… another twisted, 2 faced liar,
An opportunist with crooked desires
Im getting sick, and growing tired
Of living in a warped reality show

I wont be… another twisted, 2 faced liar,
An opportunist with crooked desires
Im getting sick, and growing tired
Of backstabbing pricks, I hate them so
Track Name: Time Machine
I confess that I’m getting lonely
To the silent room with still no reply
I admit that no-one can hear me
You’re alone

This routine of keeping busy
Grows tired and tattered
But still I rely
On my fading mind to trick me
It says you’re happy and have no regrets

All these emotions won’t go away
Something dear inside me has changed

When I’m alone pain follows me
Going back to the better days in a time machine

I know I’m not myself, but I just keep slipping away
These times are lonely, I wish I had
A time machine

When I read through my horoscope
I don’t know, how it knows
It knows me better than I know myself
It’s true
Today I really don’t like myself
Tomorrow I’ll feel something else
I’m feeling dead, useless and deranged
With the weight of mistakes on my mind every day

Track Name: Kegger
Drink all you can drink
all you can drink
‘till you can’t drink anymore

Flip Cup
I’ll be the anchor, let’s play
Beer Pong
I’m not good, but that’s ok

Some how you end up naked
Streaking with your best friends
You look like a total fool

Decide your gonna pool hop
Fuck it up and get caught
Treading water in the pool

We Dance
To bad music, but we don’t care
As you dance in your underwear

I’m getting really loaded
And feeling kinda bloated
Now lets do a keg stand

Hold my feet in the air
Pump my mouth full of beer
This is our dreamland

Don’t Puke
When you mix different Alcohols
Ahhh Shit
I’m not invincible

Puking in the back seat
hang your head in defeat
As you trash the cabbies car

Pissing in the closet
I thought it was the toilet
you don’t know where you are
Track Name: Off My Mind
Can’t get you off of my mind
I think/ about/ you twenty-four seven
I anticipate being denied
From your lack of response and poor directions
I know/ you said/ you won’t waste time on boi oys
Must get you off of my mind
You led me on/ I thought there was something/ here

I have to sit back and wait,
not jump/at/ every opportune moment
But to me the stakes are too high,
I clench/ my teeth/ and continue loathing
I know/you said/ you won’t waste time on Boi oys
I didn’t sit back or wait
It’s time to pick up the pieces and move on

I know you’re at home
Not worrying or, Thinking about me
I can’t find time to waste,
What are you thinking about?
I know you said you won’t waste time on Boy oys
Can’t get you off of my mind
I have to get the fuck out
My stress, is messing with my daily routine
I know I’m not at my best, when
I’m shot down, but continue trying
I know/ you said/ you won’t waste time on Boi Oys
Even now/ when I look back, My
entrances/ and exits, were far from smooth
Track Name: Basement Days
I’ve got a girlfriend
But things still seem so lame
I think I’m used to
These lonely basement days
I’ve got a lot of friends
They don’t help me in one way
I’ve got a nice guitar
But I don’t know how to play

And if I try real hard, I can turn it away from basement days
But I wont go far, It seems I cant escape
If I try real hard, I can turn it away from these basement days
But I wont go far, It seems I cant escape

I’ve got a nice body
But it fails when I choose to run
I’ve been told I’m perfect
But I still can’t find the one
I got charm, class, wit and style
But I still feel like a bum
I’ve been to the coolest clubs
But I just can’t have fun

Maybe this is just a phase
I’ll escape these basement days
but not knowing makes me

I’ll pick up a guitar and play
Go out with my friends and hang
But tonight im going
Track Name: Get Away
You’re so inconsistent
You say you’re looking for love
But, you’re not gonna find it
In those dirty clubs

Are you looking for true romance?
Or just more abuse?
Your lack of companionship
Will soon break you

Its fun for awhile
But soon it gets old
You’re still in denial
Caught in what you were told

Quit dwelling on your poor past
Dismissed your right to choose
Your lack of companionship
Will soon break you

You gotta get away
From all that you know
You gotta find a way
To not let it show

You’re living your life
Like there’s no consequence
Where’s your confidence?

You’ve gotta get away
From all that you know

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